Monday, January 14, 2013

Great Things in 2012

Well i dont really remember every single thing, so i will tell from the one i most remember.
First thing is 2PM Concert: What Time Is It Live Tour. It held in Dec 8 at MEIS.  Its been awhile after their last concert in Jakarta. Finally saw six of them again. Although Khunnie isnt my bias but i missed him so much bcs of his long break. Too bad, that time i went to the concert alone. My fangirlin partner couldnt join, so i just enjoyed the show with other hottests hahaha. Met four new friends in a day! haha two of them are from Palembang and the rest are from Jakarta. Talking about the concert, (omg) the concept was totally super great. The performances, lighting, live band, dancers, and of course, fanservice. Anyway, i got a doll from Junho (yay) Although not by a proper way lol

LOOK at the banana head!

Thing that made this concert become more special is when Chansung stared at me for secs :''

The second thing is spent my days with these people.

Another great thing, i think is when i cut my hair short. I mean really short like a boy. 

I hope good things and more blessings fill this year :-D

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wew what's up, readers?! For several months, i didnt post anything on glocco caused by my laziness hahaha I have been too busy enjoying my college life that full of tasks ahahaha. Anyone here waiting for my post? Hm not really sure haha. Ok, im gonna share bout my boys, 2PM !!!

2pm in cat-cape. AEGYO! >.<

Junsu, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung

Their upcoming Japanese single, Beautiful  

Here some photos that show their brotherhood hihi

My Favorite!

And here he of my of my biggest motivations.
                                                                       Hwang Chansung

His usual-pose


*All pictures above are NOT belong to me.

Let the pictures talk...

I went to Palembang few weeks ago and captured some pics ♡ 

my fave body parts in the morning haha

isnt the weather lovely?

my hair got braided by my aunt.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


KYAAAAAA!!! finally watched 2PM's performance live, especially saw Chansung, my favorite member closely. They were super awesome with great lighting, animations, and costumes. Its really memorable. Cant wait for their bigger concert next year :D Thank God for made it happened. I love 2PM more and more. Spread the HOT,hottest! :))

Mrs.Chanana & The Empress

My Black Heart for Chansung

Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday of my Super Gals.

Yesterday was one of my super quality time with my closest friends. After separated for 3 and a half months, finally we met!Yippie! :)). We celebrated Jessica and Ayu's birthday at Central Park. First thing we did surprised to Jessica haha. Meanwhile, Shelley, Ayu, and Anthony were waiting for us at Nanny's Pavillon. She was shocked and screaming when Funny and me coming then told her that the others couldnt come. I thought that she would be sad or cry or anything else cause Ayu and Shelley didnt come, but damn!she looked okay hahaha :p.